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Saya Puzaw Pwe - RIT EE (Singapore)

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RIT EE (Singapore)

Announcement: RIT Alumni "Saya Puzaw Pwe"
To all RIT-EE Friends..

SPZP : Saya Puzaw Pwe
RIT : Refers to all "Set Hmu Tekkatho" under various names (RIT, YIT, MIT, YTU, MTU, xTU, etc.)
EE : Refers to all Electrical Engineering related majors (EP, EC, Electronic, etc.)

Here's a great opportunity for us to reunite with old friends and give respect to our Saya once again. Mark your calendar: Sunday 19 December 2010.

SPZP-2010 Main Committee and all majors' reps have decided to organize RIT Alumni SPZP & Reunion 2010 in Singapore on 19 Dec. The Main Comm will extend invitation to all Saya/Sayama who taught us in RIT and will sponsor at least fifty (50) Saya/Sayama from various engineering majors, together with a number of Saya/Sayama who taught common subjects ("minors").

We, EE alumni in Singapore, will join all other majors to participate in the SPZP-2010. The EE alumni group in SG will sponsor eleven (11) senior EE Saya/Sayama and invite them to Singapore to pay our respect.

The 11 Saya/Sayama will be selected based on their seniority and they represent all EE Saya/Sayama in SPZP-2010.

All EE alumni everywhere are kindly requested to contact your nearest Class Reps and make generous contribution, which will be used to cover following SPZP-2010 expenditures:

* to contribute the overall budget of the Main Committee, by pledging to sponsor the expenses to invite 11 EE Saya/Sayama to SG (and pay respect to them in person)
* all remaining funds will be utilized to equally pay respect in absence, all other EE Saya/Sayama, whom we are not be able to invite to SPZP in person.

Tentative List of EE Saya/Sayama to be invited to SG (To be confirmed)

Potential list of senior EE Saya/Sayama (in no particular order):

* Dr U Ba Lwin (Electrical Power Engineering)
* U Myo Kyi (Electronic Engineering)
* U Tin Maung Thein (Electronic Engineering)
* U Sein Maung (Electrical Power Engineering)
* U Ba Myint (Electrical Power Engineering)
* U Moe Aung (Electrical Power Engineering)
* U Khaing Oo (Electronic Engineering)
* Dr. U Win Tin (Electronic Engineering)
* U Kyaw Lwin (Electronic Engineering)
* U Tin Shwe (Electrical Power Engineering)
* Daw Mya Mya Than (Electrical Power Engineering)
* Daw Khin Aye Win (Electrical Power Engineering)
* U Thein Dan (Electrical Power Engineering)
* U Clement Saldhana (Electronic Engineering)
* U Than Lwin (Electronic Engineering)
* Daw Than Than Win (Electrical Power Engineering)
* U Khin Soe (Electronic Engineering)
* U Tin Win (Electrical Power Engineering)
* U Myint Oo (Electronic Engineering)
* U Aung Than (Electrical Power Engineering)
* Daw Khin Ma Ma Soe (Electrical Power Engineering)
* Daw Khin Swe Oo (Electronic Engineering)
* Daw Khin Tint (Electrical Power)
* U Win Khaing Moe (Electronic Engineering)

We, RIT-EE group, will sponsor 11 most senior EE Saya/Sayama from this list and invite to SG for SPZP. We also intend to invite more Saya/Sayama (>11) - depending on the funds raised and sponsorships for Saya/Sayama. Alumni well-wishers are therefore welcome to sponsor one of these, or any other EE Saya/Sayama to be invited to SG (please see Arrangement for Individual Sponsorship, below).

The final confirmed Invited Saya list (could be more than 11) will be decided by the EE Reps based on the latest available information, and will be announced on this website.

Important Note
Our sincere wish is to be able to invite all EE Saya/Sayama to SG to pay respect in person. However it is neither advisable nor feasible. Therefore, we've decided to sponsor and invite 11 senior Saya/Sayama to represent all EE Saya/Sayama. All remaining funds raised will be used to equally pay respect to all remaining EE Saya/Sayama in Myanmar or elsewhere. The criteria long adopted by the Main Committee will be used to select Saya/Sayama to pay respect to (that is, Saya/Sayama should have at least 7 years of uninterrupted service).

Arrangement for Individual Sponsorships
We're also pleased to inform you a special arrangement by the Main Comm. If any individual alumni/ batch/ group wishes to sponsor any particular EE Saya/Sayama of their Cetana, it is possible to arrange in coordination with the Main Comm. Please contact your batch representative or core EE Reps (see below) for more information.

Designated budget for one Saya/Sayama invited to SG is $1,600. It will cover return airfare, accommodation, dinner ticket, logistics and misc expenses for one person in SG ($1,200), plus allocation to a common pool ($400) to collectively sponsor some Saya/Sayama from minor subjects.

Main Programme (19 December 2010)
Programme is quite similar to the one we had in SG in 2007. We'll collectively pay respect to all Saya/Sayama at the Burmese Buddhist Temple (Toa Payoh) in the morning. There will be a Reunion Dinner at the Orchid Country Club (Yishun) in the evening.

All alumni are warmly invited to attend both the morning and evening events - not to miss a rare chance to meet old friends and Saya/Sayama from our RIT days. Reunion dinner tickets are available at $75 per pax. Be sure to secure one early to avoid a disappointment. (Note: A portion from each ticket proceeds will go towards Main Comm overall organizing budget.)

EE alumni will also try to arrange a separate EE Saya/Alunmi mini-gathering - tentatively on Saturday 18 December - for us to have a chance to meet with our own Saya/Sayama and friends separately. Stay tuned; and visit this page often.

EE Alumni Class Reps (Contact for Fund Raising)

1) Up to 1987: Saya U Moe Aung, Ko Pye Nyunt, Ko Aung Lin (Thiri Mon), Ko Nyi Nyi Lwin (Mawlamyine)
2) 1988/1991: Ko Nyi Nyi Win, Ko Thein Naing
3) 1992: Ma Myo Myat Thi
4) 1993: Ma Soi Lan Khine, Ma Myint Myint Mon
5) 1994: Ma Myo Sandar Khin, Ma Me Me Thant Zin
6) 1995 (1st): Ma Khine Khine Win
7) 1995 (2nd): Ma Kyawt Kyawt Khine
8) 1996: Ko Kyaw Zwa
9) 1998: Ko San Yu Hlaing
10) 2000: Ma Shwe Zin Ma
11) 2001: Ma Thida Soe
12) 2002: Ko Zin Min Latt
13) 2003 (1st): Ko Min Min Zaw
14) 2003 (2nd): Ko Aung Ko Ko Zaw
14) Others: (TBA)

Please contact your nearest reps today to start your contribution. If you wish to get more information or clarification or have any suggestions or comments, please feel free to contact us, as follows. Thank you.

Yours sincerely,
Core EE Reps (on behalf of all EE Alumni in SG)

* Ko Pye Nyunt 9688-4316
* Ko Nyi Nyi Win 9663-3035
* Ko Thein Naing 9144-1071
* Ma Khine Khine Win 9118-3646
* Ma Kyawt Kyawt Khine 9844-6120
* Ko Kyaw Zwa 9457-9409

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